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Combination of Hair Lotions, Herbal Baths, Foot Creams and More

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Hair rinses are mostly simple herbal infusions or decoctions.  They only keep for a few days but are so simple to make that it is worth brewing a pot of herbal tea to rinse your hair with.  These rinses are not as strong as tonics abd are used for mild conditioning.  The tonics are used for specific "cures."

DThis is an old tried and tested way of
keeping hair soft and shiny.  An infusion
of birch Leaves or, even stronger, a decoction
of Birch Buds will have the same effect.  Birch
Sap is an excellent conditioner for the hair.
It can be collected in early Spring by making
a deep cut in the tree.  Place a bowl beneath
the cut to catch the sap.  A spoonful of the sap
in the last rinse will act as a splendid Spring
cure for your hair.

ARNICA INFUSION (Dandruff & Seborrhoea)
Arnica can help prevent dandruff and
stimulates the cirulation of the scalp.  Like
Peruvian Bark it is used in many
commercial hair preparations and can be
obtained from herbalists.  Peruvian Bark
is one of the most effectives cures for
Seborrhoea.  It is also said to stimulate
hair growth and prevent hair loss.

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Rinsing your hair with Beer remains
one of the simplest ways of giving body
and sheen to your hair.  Make sure you
use a good quality natural beer.  Many
beers sold now are chemically produced
and cotain various synthetic ingredients.  
A micro-brewery is a good place to start....
and have some fun while you are there!


20g.         Rum
25g.         Castor oil
25g.         Puruvian Bark
100g.       Alcohol

Steep Pervuvian bark in alcohol for
3 days.  Sieve.  Add other ingredients.
Massage into the scalp twice a week.
This is for Seborrhoea and to prevent
thinning hair.

60g.          Alcohol
10g.          Arnica tincture
1 drop       Puruvian balsam
30g.          Distilled water

3 drops     Rosemary Essential Oil

A milder mixture for more delicate skins.
Also very aromatic.


Rosemary decotion makes a great hair
rinse for people with dark hair.

Lavender, Rose Jasmine and Violet
make a lasting fragrant hair rinse.

Tea makes a good rinse for darker
hair to give chesnut hightlights.

Lemon is an excellent rinse for blond
or light hair.  Will also improve the
condition of oily hair.

Camomile is the best known herb for
blond and light brown hair and has a mild
bleaching action.  Will impart a rich
golden sheen to the hair.  (Use 2 tsp.
of dried herbs to 1/2 litre of water.)

Rosemary and Red Sage smill deliciously spicy and
are good conditioners.  Have a darkening effect if
used regularly.

Elderberries give dark hair intensified color and shine.

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Infusions or cold infusions in alcohol of yarrow, rosemary, stinging nettle, horsetail and chillies can all be added to hair waters and lotions.  These herbs are all used to help prevent seborrhoea.
Rosemary, nettles and chillies are also said to stimulate the blood cirulation and condition the hair and scalp and encourages new hair growth.

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