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Welcome's you to join
the Webring, "Keepers of Earth Medicine"

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This webring's intent is to bring
together Native American's,
American Indian's, and all people
who honor and respect our
connection with the "Earth Mother"
and "Father Sun."
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When we wear our hair in braids it represents our ties to the
Earth and the tangible world.  When we wear our hair free, we connect our Spiritual Essences to the Spirits that ride on the Wind.  Our
connections to all living things are stong when we honor the truth in each part
of Creation and respect the rights of all life forms to create life abundant.

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I am "Native American," and honor my relationship with Earth and Sky.
The "Hawk" is my spirit guide.  You laugh?  I call myself ~Little Wing~?
Well, my wings were small once, and hummingbird still visits me frequently......

I am creating a webring for those who share similar interests.  Even though I am a practitioner of "Natural Therapies," this is not a qualification.  I honor "Tradition," but also recognize "New Age." I believe that "Mother Earth" provides all that her children need.  I listen to the "Animals."  I believe all things are as one,
I walk in peace...

If you feel your site reflects these beliefs and you would like to join this ring please "Click" here" and fill out the form.  Once it is received we will notify you when you  become part of this ring.  If you need to go back and make any corrections "Click here" to edit your information.

Peace, as Always....

~Medicine Woman~

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Keepers of Earth Medicine Web Ring
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