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Botanical's for Common
Ailments: A - E

Note: This information is intended as a reference guide and for information purposes only. Please check with your physician or naturalpath before administering. Do not use if you have any known allergies to these plants.

ANTIBIOTIC; aloe, aspen, bayberry, birch, clove, dandelion, echinacea root, elderberry, horsetail, juniper, pine, prickly pear, sage, slippery elm, thyme, wild indigo, yucca.

ARTHRITIS; alfalfa, black cohosh, burdock, chaparral, comfrey, hawthorn, lobelia, nettle, peppermint, thyme, wintergreen, wormwood, yucca.

BLOOD PRESSURE, (HIGH); black cohosh, blue vervain, buckthorn, garlic, hyssop, skullcap

BRONCHITIS; angelica, buckthorn, burdock, chamomile, coltsfoot, comprey, eucalyptus, fennel, garlic, goldenseal, honey, hyssop, lobelia, myrrh, nettle, pleurisy root, pokeroot

BURNS; aloe, beech, birch, burdock, comfrey, elderberry, horsetail, juniperberry, potatoe, slippery elm, yarrow

CHOLESTEROL, (TO REMOVE FROM SYSTEM); capsicum, garlic, gingeroot, ginsing, goldenseal, parsley, yucca

DIARRHEA; bayberry, garlic, myrrh, nettle, oak, peppermint, slippery- elm bark, squawberry, yerba santa

EAR INFECTION; black cohosh, capsicum, echinacea, garlic, gingerroot, ginsing, goldenseal, lobelia, wild licorice

ENDURANCE; alfalfa, bitterroot, capsicum, ginseng, gotu kola, Indian Hemp, watercress

EXHAUSTION; bitterroot, ginseng, gotu kola, Indian hemp, valerian, watercress

EMPHYSEMA; angelica, bergamot, coltsgoot, comfrey, fennel, garlic, lobelia, muellein, nettle, pleurisy root, wormwood

The Greatest Medicine Woman of All               - "Mother Earth!"

Our Great Mother Earth provides all that we need to heal ourselves.... and later in this website I will include a section "The Earth Mother's Pharmacy," but on this page I will concentrate on "Botancials" that were believed to contain healing properties and used by early native Americans for various illnesses and conditions and are still being used today.

Since the beginning of time, people have recognized the healing values of various plants, trees, and flowers that grow around them. While completing my studies on herbs, botanicals and (believe it or not,) healing weeds, I learned that the most effective plants for us would be those that grow naturally in our own back yards.

While the Chinese have used herbs to heal their people for hundreds of years with great success, they chose herbal formulas that grew native in China. They would not think to come to the United States to select a flower or plant. And Westerner's should use this same philosophy. Although we can include some Chinese herbs in our choices of herbs that we select and feel results, we should primarily concentrate on herbs that grow naturally around us in our specific area.

A simpler example is taught by your pet. When they feel sick they go out in the yard and eat grass! No one taught them to do this. It is instinct. They know if they eat grass they will feel better. Maybe we should listen more to our pets?

Early Native American's chose the healing properties of the plant life that grew around them. They knew that we are connected with the "Earth," and it was not neccessary for them to travel far to find all that was needed to feed, fuel and maintain good health!

As you read through the following treatments you will notice several choices you can make. Keep in mind the above theory and choose the plants that grow around you.

                      Betti Bresette
            Riverside, CA 92509
                  United States

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