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Introduction to Aromatherapy

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Botanical's, Herbs, Essential Oils.... All gifts from Mother Earth!

Plants do not only provide beauty and fresh air, they are necessary for our very existence. Without them, we would perish - lacking food to eat and oxygen to breathe.

Since almost the beginning of time, humans have had a close relationship with nature, (Mother Earth.)  Archaeological evidence found in Shanidar, Iraq, in 1975 indicates that Neanderthals used plants for food and medicine over 60,000 years ago.  The Ebers Papyrus, written by the Eqyptians around 1550 BC, contains 877 prescriptions using medicinal plants.  It was important to have a pretty good idea of which plants to use for food, medicine, clothing, and shelter.  Humans also observed and learned about plant uses from animals.  Sick dogs and cats chew grass when they have upset stomachs, bears eat bear's garlic as a spring tonic after waking up from hibernation, sick sheep eat yarrow, lizards eat chamomile to relieve snakebites.  The natural instinct of animals using plants for medicinal benefits is one of the most fascinating aspects of nature.

Today most populations in the Western world are concentrated in large cities.  Except for occasional visits to the mountains or forest area, people live in an environment devoid of nature.  Even though urban living may be practical in economic terms, it can be disasterous for human health and well-being.  As ailments caused by pollution and stress continue to rise annually, so many people have turned to "Mother Earth's" medicines using natural herbs and essential oils to help reverse the harmful effects of urban life.

Essential oils are extracted from plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, seeds, roots and grasses.  The oils contain the essential life force of the plants. Essential oils are very concentrated and therefore more potent than dried herbs.  The essences can be used for massage, skin and hair care, deodorants, air freshners.  Essential oils can be diffused, misted in the air, applied topically,  added to bath water or jacuzzi,  inhaled, ingested (however not recommended,) or added to potpourri, creams, candles, sprinkled on carpets..... the many uses are endless.

Those that use aromatic oils regularly hold them in high esteem.  One can only respect the ability of essential oils to preform effectively, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.  Even though these oils can not completely substitute for interaction with nature, we can derive enormous benefits from their use.  Essential oils are easy to use, easily obtained and easily absorbed by the human body.  Effects of essential oils are almost immediate.  Be aware that there are perfume essential oils and 100% pure essentail oils for medicinal purposes.  Be sure that you use the pure essential oils for all these receipe's.  Also, keep in mind essential oils are extremely potent so care must be used not to use too much. Do not  exceed the recomended amounts of oils  contained in the following receipe's.

Now Let's continue to Aromatherapy Safety tips and Guidelines.....  

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