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Mixing Essential Oils for Every day Use

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          Safety Guidelines for Administering Essential Oils:

Although Essential Oils can be extremely beneficial when used properly, some care must be taken when using these oils since they are highly concentrated substances.  Always dilute them in a carrier oil, distilled water, or a cream base when applying Essential Oils topically.

Do not consume alcohol (other than a glass of wine with a meal) when using essential oils.

Pregnant women should take extra care when using essential oils.  These oils are considered safe when used in small amounts.

Essential Oils should not be used while a person is on medication - in order not to interfere with medication.

Keep Essential Oils out of reach of Children.

For those that tend to be highly allergic, a simple test to determine if you will have a reaction to a certain oil; First, rub a drop of carrier oil into the upper chest.  Check the area in 12 hours for redness or other skin irritation.  If no abnormal signs appear place 1 drop of selected essential oil mixed with 15 drops of the carrier oil and again rub it on the chest.  If no reaction appears within 12 hours it is probably safe to use both the carrier oil and the essential oil.

        Selecting Quality Oils:

Never use synthetic oils and oils extracted by chemical solvents.  Do not use perfume oil.  Many synthetic oils on the market today replicate the fragrances of natural oils and people unknowingly buy them.  The synthetic chemicals that create these products do not contain the same benefical properties of pure plant oils.  In addition, many synthetic compounds can be irritating to the body and the nervous system. Oils extracted with solvents contain toxic residues harmful to the body.  It is very important to be sure the oils you select are: unrefined carrier oils, and essential oils extracted by steam distilation or oils that have been pressed mechanically or by expeller.  Look for pure, unadulted, aromatherapy grade essential oils.

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