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Where do I go for more information on Herbal Study?

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First, let me explain that I am a certified Aromatherapist. I also studied herbalism, body care and nutrition. I completed my studies at the Australasian College of Herbal Studies located in Oregon.  ACHS is an excellent school giving "one on one" tutoring, but I realize not everyone can afford to pay the fees that it costs to become certifiied. Even though ACHS offers several payment options you might first want to gather more facts and information about herbs and essential oils before you decide to take a course.  

Here are a couple alternative options.  The Herbal Healer Academy offers cIasses in herbalism also, but offer other classes that ACHS does not include, including massage therapy, acupressure, reflexology and several others.  Both schools have many good books and videos available to you in the areas of herbal study.  They both also carry supplies for the herbal healer.  

I have included both links (above and on my links page.)  Check their sites out to see what each one offers.

If you are interested in oils for personal use, a third alternative is Dr. Young's Living Oils, (which is a "MLM") that gives you a lot of useful information.  It doesn't cost anything to join.  You become a member with your first order.  They carry aromatherapy oils, herbal supplements and herbal hair and body products.  I was first introduced to Dr. Young's living essential oils in 1996 while working at "Healing Hands," located in Riverside, Ca.  This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to herbs, oils, their properties and what they can do.  They also have an herbal hotline you can call for recommendations of proper oils for specific ailments.

I have now added a page where you can purchase herbal, nutritional, Specialty supplements and Beauty aides directly from my website through an affiliate program with "MotherNature's Herbs".  "B&B" carries a fine line of Beauty Products.  There is also a web page added for herbs and supplies for "your pets."  (Click on the "Highlighted text" to go to these pages.)

And for the many of you who have been asking for a personal page I have added one.  (Yes, I have included a couple of photo's)

One final note, certification in either Aromatherapy or Herbalism is a very complex and lengthy study.  Whatever path you chose it is a course that, I believe, is one that never ends.  You can take a course to learn the basics, or complete intensive courses for certification. Eiither way it takes at least a year to get an idea of what the various herbs and oils are and what you can actually do (and can't do) with them.  Even though you get a lot from the class text, you gain your real knowledge once you start using herbs and aromatherapies and see for yourself the miracles that take place, almost immediately upon use.

Your interest?  Be it herbs, Aromatherapies, Natural Therapies, Health, Beauty or overall wellness for yourself and your family and pets, these pages are intended to help you with your search for information, education, supplies, and products for the professional or for your personal use.  

I use aromatherapy and herbs every day.  (I use Eastern, Western and Native American herbs.)  I use them for my skin, hair, carpet deodorizer, room freshner, flea-dips.... the many uses are endless.  Everyone can benefit from herbs and aromatherapy.   It will benefit you the rest of your life.

Warm Regards,

 ~Medicine Woman~  

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