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Please, let me take a moment to introduce myself to you.  My chosen name is ~Little Wing~ AKA: Medicine Woman. (Click Highlighted text for photos.)
I would like to share with you how my name came to be.  My late husband, (now of the "Spirit World) was a wonderful "Musician."  He so loved the lyrics and free-styling guitarworks of Jimmy Hendrix and often copied his music.  One night we were relaxing around the fireplace and as usual he was strummin' away singing me a tune.  He played a song by Hendrix and when he finished he said the song reminded him of me.  The name of that song was "Little Wing."  I never forgot that moment, and of course there are several more... but it is for this reason, I chose my name, ~Little Wing.~

Now let me share more of myself with you.  I was born in Wisconsin (now reside in California.)  I am registered on the rolls of the "Red Cliff Tribe" of Lake Superior Chippewa's.  (It is one of the poorest of tribes.)  I was born in January; (Have the Otter as my Animal totem; Butterfly Clan, which is quite fitting for my name.)  

I first began my studies years ago.  I have 17 certificates in different alternative therapies.  I do not think it matters, the degrees or certificates one collects along the way.... it is what gifts you were given from a higher source, it is what you learn through different life's lessons, it is a yearning.... a knowing no lessons or books could ever teach you.

My life has taken many different paths... but, I have always had a special place in my heart for animals of any kind, art because it allows you to see through someone elses eyes.... and, reaching out and helping mankind in any form.  I practice my alternative medicines from my home (nested in a Canyon.)  Here I am attuned to nature and the "Animals" are always near....

I am also am an artist and paint and craft when I can find the time... and, you guessed it, I am also a Web Mistress, building web pages for (Kiss! Brother, HB, Sis...) and yes, Will and Jackson, I am working on "Feathers"...

I try at all times to honor our "Earth Mother, Father Sun, and the "Great Spirit."  I believe all creatures, large, small, two legged or otherwise, deserve to walk this earth in harmony..... believe we are all united and part of Great Spirit's larger plan....
and, as I walk my path I realize that I  have been honored to have "Hawk" as my Spirit Guide.  I am blessed with many winged spirits, and have been for as long as I can remember.  I have always seen far further than the apparent.  Sometimes these journeys take me far from home.

I created this website to try to share some of the knowledge that I have learned through my own life's lessons, share freely information and ways that you can help to heal your body and spirit.... but, just when I think I am almost finished, I realize that I have merely just begun.  I suppose I will continue until I reach my Megabyte capacity.....

I have now added pages where you can buy herbal supplements , health and beauty products.  I have included  links that provide valuable information to the herbalist or person interested in learning about natural therapies..

Please be patient as I weave this web of information.... it takes much time, energies, patience, research.... bu
t, will get it up here for you eventally....

Peace, as Always,

~Little Wing~

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This Shamanism Web Circle site owned by Betti Bresette AKA: ~Little Wing~.

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