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Submission form For Keepers of Earth Medicine

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The first step in joining the Keepers of Earth Medicine Web Ring is to complete the submission form below.  It gives you your id number that you will need to place on your web Ring page.  It also gives you your password so that you can edit your webring page if you need to change any information that has been entered.  Once we receive the form we will review it, check to make sure that you have copied the "code" on to your webring page and then check to make sure your webring page works.

You then are placed in the Rings queue until until you receive your final approval.  Once your page is approved you will receive an E-mail notification letting you know that you have been accepted to the ring.

Our Ring is new, therefore very small, but we will be very selective about who will be placed in the ring.  The sites that will be chosen will follow our current theme and philosophies.  This Web Ring is designed to bring a group of people together who have a desire to share their customs, wisdom, knowledge, ideas and beliefs.... knowing we are all teachers in our own respects, and we all learn from each others life's lessons.

Thank you for your interest in Keepers of Earth Medicine Webring.

May you always Walk in Peace.......

~Little Wing~

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