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This Page is reserved for
Credits and for the Awards that
this site has won.

Thanks to the many people that
provided Graphics, Art, Poems,
love and support.

If you have had any problems
while navigating through this site
or if you have any questions
or comments please
email the Webmistress at

I hope you have enjoyed the

~Little Wing~

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My heartfelt thanks to
Dr. Draac and Silverhawk for the
Native American graphics found
throughout my pages,, as well as
animated gifs and soundfiles.
Special thanks to Diana Stanley
for her beautiful artwork that graces
several of my pages.  Thanks to
Jack for his custom Title bar and
exit sign.  
My humble thanks to Jamie Sams
works in "Earth Medicine."
... and thanks to the many friends
who's names do not appear, but
nonetheless, have helped me
make this website possible
  ~Medicine Woman~

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Smoke Free Awards
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